FMS Nexus-3, 3 Meter Pair RCA Interconnects.​

(DEMO). These Venture Audio Ultimate Loudspeakers are Venture's latest model, and they are in immaculate condition! The speakers have amazing sound and are pitch perfect over the whole band-with with incredible tonality. They are manufactured in Belgium with cabinets of Makasar ebony veneer. Venture speakers have received numerous "Best of Show Awards" over the past few years.

The Venture Ultimate speakers combine outstanding performance with a reasonable price tag. It uses all Abaca based graphite composite drivers (AGC) with an elegant C cabinet shape and a new crossover design. The sound stage is large with a seemingly nonexistent noise floor and tightly focused images that can stand completely alone without any hint of inter-modulation between them. The three Graphite Composite woofers utilize a newly designed voice coil that is responsible for bass that is powerful, very well resolved and reaches down to subterranean levels. The whole combination of the 3 Abaca Graphite drivers delivers a rich natural sound that is coherent and beautifully believable.


Frequency Response: 26-40,000 Hz 
Sensitivity: 90dB 
Impedence: 6 Ohm 
Recommended Power: Up to 400 Watts (no clipping) 
Drivers: One 1.5 inch Venture AGC Dynamic Tweeter 
One 5 inch Venture CFGC midrange Driver 
Three 7 inch Venture AGC Woofers 
Design: 3-way First Order Crossover 
Weight: Approximately 165 lbs 
Dimensions: 3ft 7.7”H x 1ft. 08”W x 1ft 4.7”D 
Cabinet: Makasar Ebony veneer in Polyester High Gloss

Original Crates included.

Feel free to contact me @ 303-478-8221.

Retail Price:  $60,000.  Asking Price:  $24,500.

Venture Ultimate Loudspeakers



FMS Nexus-3,  1.5 Meter Pair Speaker Cable with Speak-on Connector.

The latest version of FMS Cables (Nexus-3).  One, 1.5 meter pair of FMS Nexus-3 Speaker Cables (with Speak-on connection) (New Retail: $4900, Asking: $1500); One, 3 meter pair of FMS Nexus-3 RCA interconnects (New Retail: $7200, Asking: $1900); 

Those of you who are familar with FMS cables know that these are some of the best sounding cables out there ! There are only a handfull of cables that can compete with them sonically.  Feel free to contact me @ 303-478-8221.