​Titan is designed around the transmission capabilities of silver and copper and their individual characteristics at different frequencies. The construct, composed of 98 individual components is divided by frequency. Each individual frequency group is independently shielded by phase.

The midrange and treble conductor elements are fabricated from high purity solid silver within individual air tubes for maximum performance. The bass is isolated within its own parallel architecture utilizing copper and silver conductors of differing diameters chosen for a lush mix of low end and mid bass response.

Each of the polarities (negative and positive) is individually isolated and shares a common shield. The proprietary shielding system in the Titan design is purely passive and not within the signal path itself. Once again, our approach is to isolate the transmission bands from themselves and the external environment.

The customer may choose between spade and banana style connectors. The connectors are made from pure silver with direct platinum plating for protection from tarnish.

The shield network can be grounded to the amplifier chassis to lower the noise floor of the overall speaker transmission network. A quick disconnect is supplied for the ground connection.

Always consult the dealer or manufacturer for information on grounding.

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Titan Hybrid Silver Speaker Cable